Microservices - Go Lang

Author: Sumit Dhiman

Tags: Go microservice Devops Developer

March 28, 2023

What are microservices?

The term “microservice” refers to a method of software development in which a large application is broken down into a set of smaller services that each operate in their own process and communicate with one another through application programming interfaces. Each microservice in an application is in charge of a single business function and may be built, deployed, and scaled independently. This method facilitates quicker application development and deployment in addition to increased adaptability, scalability, and resilience in complex applications.

List of microservices included in this repository.

  • Picdl: It is a tool which download and save the wallpapers from a openAPI over the internet.
  • Portaudio-record: It is a Audio streaming tool developed using portaudio library.
  • Mailing: API to send emails asynchronously. Can be hosted on server with less resources.
  • File Server: File Server which serves the media files over the internet using HTTP-206 protocol.