RestAPI - Crud App

Author: Sumit Dhiman

Tags: GO Lang Linux Backend Authentication Gin

March 20, 2023

Why Go?

Go is regarded to be a strong option for backend development for a number of reasons.

  1. Performance: Since Go is a compiled language, the resultant binary code is quick and efficient. Go was developed with performance in mind, making it an excellent option for creating high-performance backend systems.

  2. Concurrency: Go’s built-in concurrency support enables developers to design code that is both efficient and scalable. Concurrent programming is vital for constructing contemporary backend systems, and goroutines and channels facilitate their creation.

  3. Simple Syntax: Go’s straightforward and easy-to-learn syntax makes it an excellent option for developers who want to construct backend systems fast without spending too much time on language complexities.

  4. Huge developer community: Since Go has a big and active developer community, there are several tools and libraries accessible for backend development. This also indicates that it is simple to obtain assistance and support when required.

  5. Scalability: Since Go is meant to be scalable, it is an excellent option for developing large-scale backend systems. Go’s built-in concurrency capabilities make it simple to develop scalable programmes capable of handling enormous volumes of traffic and requests.

Go’s efficiency, parallelism, simplicity, community, and scalability make it an excellent option for backend development.

What is in this project?

I have developed a Authentication system which is based JWT i.e. Json Web Token. Also it has features to Signup, Login, View Delete and Update Users.