Writing your first Go Lang program

Author: Sumit Dhiman

Tags: GO Lang Code Hello World Beginners

February 14, 2023

Go is an open-source, statically typed programming language designed to build scalable, secure, easy-to-use systems. Given that Go Lang was created by Google, Google Go is another moniker for it. It was developed to fill the gap between Java and C++ to provide code that is easy to understand, maintain, and execute without degrading. Go is a compiled language with features that are comparable to those of C and C++ and share the same initial main function.

Installing Go:

  • For windows users: https://go.dev/dl/
  • For Linux users:
    • Arch Linux: sudo pacman -S go
    • Debian: sudo apt install go

Let’s start creating our first Hello world code:

  • First of all create a folder using following command:

 mkdir <Your folder>
  • Now cd into your folder and create a file named main.go.

 cd <Your folder>
 touch main.go
  • Now we need to initialize our go module in this folder.

go mod init <your module name>
  • We have initiated our module. So, we can start editing our main.go file.

  • Here, you can see written package main, this determine its package name so that we can import go function from one directory to another.

  • fmt package stands for format. It is used to print our data by using Println function

package main
import "fmt"

func main(){
    fmt.Println("Hello!, World")
  • run and build the program using command below:
$ go run .
$ go build